Meghan Trainor – Better when I’m Dancing – Easy kids dance warming-up choreography

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Free stepbystep- pasodepaso tutorial:
Choreo by Sassie – Saskia van Dijk
Doesn’t this song just make you happy?
Instagram/Facebook: saskiasdansschool

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Yzabella Cuevo says:

that's are dance toi

Aicee Virtusio says:

this is my favorite song

Aida Vallesteros says:

Where is this found

Aida Vallesteros says:

Where is this found

Awesome Glory Sparkle! says:

My school is having a dance and I'm doing this dance moves for everybody dance now
It is in week 8 and this is soo perfectly teaches as well
I'm in year 2 by the way

Casey Santiago says:

Thank you very much and good dance

Casey Santiago says:

Thank you for that dance you make my friends and i won 1st place

mistercap says:

this is what my school did the dance move

Khaiira Gibson says:

I love it so mush

Irdiana Hanis says:

they was so cute

Julia i. domisia jaroszynska says:

Dzieciaczki ładnie tańczoł. A pani trohe wolno 🙂 oooo 🙂 ktoś tu jest kogo znam. 🙂 i on jest z polski ja też jestem z polski pewnie niewiecie oco hodzi ale dobra kto mnie nauczy z was tabliczki mnożenia 🙂 a one te dzieci grajo w mowistarplanet 🙂 a mam pytanie czy w jak tak tanczycie to by soe przydało chba śpiewać12345678910

mate sama says:

I have to learn this

Ruhie Jesani says:

Very nice 👍

dunfunsun says:

  ( ・∀・)
 ⊂ ⊂ )
   ( ( ( 

      ( ・∀・)
      ( U つ
    ) ) )
( ・∀・)
⊂_へ つ
彡 (_)

(っ /
For that
⊂(・_・ )
 ヽ ⊂二/
 (⌒) /

/        \
|  ●    ● |
\  _

<) )╯ When you're ready

( •_•)
<( (> Come and get it

~( )~ NA NA NA NA
/ "

<) )-

/( (>

<) )

Deepa Mittal says:

Very nice song

Rosenda Ocampo says:

i like it soo much that is the faborite of my freind

Maryam Asif says:

This one is for my sports day.

Asma Kashif says:

We are dancing on this song

Yusni Megawati says:


Jaycel Cualbar says:

When I was grade 6 there was a dance competition we dance this and we win

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