Meet 5 Choreographers for Zumba®

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Zumba® Jammers are specialized international Zumba Instructors who create choreography that Instructors around the world use in their Zumba classes. Here, meet 5 Zumba Jammers, get to know their stories, and find out how they became choreography experts.

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RJ Fernandez says:


WanaBear747 says:

this!! this right here is what I want to do!!

rama zein says:

My dream to be a Zumba instructor and I'm trying my best to fulfill this dream soon and I'm living it now 👍

Дмитрий Кислицын says:

woooow. cool cool cool!)

Jhose mart says:

alguien me dice que se llama la cancion que pusieron al inicio? porfaaaa

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