Me Dancing to Livin La Vida Loca Ricky Martin 💃🏼 | JesKay

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I dance differently, my kind of dancing style is called gypsy hip hop
Song is Livin La Vida Loca Artist Ricky Martin

You can contact me at

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Raven Ra says:

i would to see you in a nice tight dress sweetheart

ra ven says:

wow you are so sexy

Word Like A Hammer says:

you recently left an unusual comment on one of my videos, entitled "getting rid of bitterness",
in which you seemed to speaking on the behalf of a dark entity…

Dear woman, it looks and sounds as if you yourself are bound by iniquity and poisoned with bitterness. 🙁

You can be made NEW. Do you want to be FREE?

I would like to chat if you'd like.
The Lord God wants to redeem you

Ari Amore says:

OK so I have a video idea for us… it'll be funnnnn hehe

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