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Mashallah Zumba Routine

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Zin Dy says:

Beautiful oriental zumba coreo. You move your hips good but you have to trainy your snake arms and correct attitude for belly dance than its perfect 😉 Is it the officiel coreo of Zumba or your own?

Shamsun Nahar says:

Thanks everyone!

katerina belly dancer says:

great job girls

loma koko says:

zumba حلوة للتخس😀😀😀 wowo

Artan Krasniqi1 says:

super. haah

Sohini Moitra says:

Very graceful. Loved it 🙂 Would use your choreo in my class in India :))

vettie819 says:

Very nice choreography! Great belly dancing moves!

Livia Pataki says:

Wow! What a wonderful choreography!

Jo-Sheena Turner says:

Oh wow! Love this!

Sharmali Mantigra says:

Thanks for choreography! Great!

Karin Amelda says:

awwww thats really nice gurls really good ^^ liked liked

Raj an says:

its fantastic. mind blowing

Dhwani Nagar says:

I like this very much

Dhwani Nagar says:

I like this very much

Harshita Shahi says:

That was so good!

Jasmin G says:

Lovely ladies and Lovely choreo! Thanks for posting!!

Zoanee says:

beautiful job!

liz sunseri says:

Cute!!! ~~~ Great dancers!

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