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Mara – DJ Dale Play Music Video

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Check who we caught getting down in the video for Mara’s latest jam, DJ Dale Play – which should be hitting a Zumba class near you, soon.

Spoiler Alert: It’s Beto!

Oh, and Instructors – Learn the moves & get ready to rock ’em live this August at the Zumba Instructor Convention! http://convention.zumba.com

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شهد عبدالكريم says:

بتجنن الغنيه والرئصه

Gabriella Labrada says:

I love this song

Sugar two says:

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غلط رنروب says:

حلو كثير حبيت

Omar 2002 محمد says:

cooooooooooooool روعة 😍😘👍👍👍👍👍❤💋

Bayan &Mohammad Ali says:

تجنن حتى انا حفضت كلماتها و حركاتها،😍😘

P90 takıntılı kız says:


هبه علي says:

كتير حلوه حتى اليوم عملنا فقره برقصه هاي وطلعت كتير حلوه ومسلية ❤❤❤

Roro Hasan says:

حلوة كتيررررر

Yaritza Benitez says:

I Love Zumba

Martina Berti says:

ahah wtf I dance this in my zumba lesson finally I found it😂

Renad Ezz says:

i wanna the lyrics for this song

Alicia Hernandez says:


Binu kavya says:

in my school there is annual day so I'm going to dance in this song

ZOLY says:

Really man?! no f*cking cables in the mixer?!?


wow me encanta :v

harly quinn fan de escuadron suicida says:

yo la baile

Wendy Dance says:

Yes mara songs are our favourite !!!

ParselTongue Holder says:

my school is using this song for cheerleading at out sports fest

Adela Hofhanzlova says:

well done😘

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