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Maluma By El Tiki – Zumba Workout

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Our Latest Zumba Dance Fitness Workout featuring the song Maluma by El Tiki. Zumba Dancing is a great way to lose weight, stay in shape and have fun at the same time! Zumba is a great form of weight loss when combined with a healthy diet,so have fun with oneHOWTO zumba tutorials and do some aerobics at home effectively. Check out our full Zumba Workout Playlist for more Zumba workout Routines: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpTzWtYX-XYTIipJ1lp9NoWSEEgOiVuxf

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Veronica D says:

love this one! so simple and easy to do!

Farida Ibrahim says:

this channel is really the best zumba channel ever!!!you just won a subscriber keep on doing these amazing zumba videos pleasssssse.. Love from Egypt😍😍

ary espinoza says:

para qe suben vídeo si es copia de
otros instructores…
suban cuando serán originales y no copien pasos

A-Break says:

that is sooo baaad no tam bien

Valeria López ceballos says:

la de el medio es MEL

Quetzalli Valle says:

me gusta sale like

Vikina Sandorova says:

niektoré tam tancujte ako podstate sliepky

Fitness Blue -pink says:

nada original buuh! de weva

Adamari Lopez says:

I love spanish songs because I'm a Mexican that talks spanish

Jozef Balog says:

hah take pesnicki robi maluma


hue baila esas chicad


wcopiones son

yusra khan says:

Which song is this

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