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Love Shack Zumba Gold Warm Up

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Thanks for watching my warm up for Zumba Gold. Hope you enjoy it. (I do not own the music copyrights. This video is strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only. )

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Delicia Herrera says:

Love this, would you happen to have choreography for aqua fitness?

Carla Leech says:

Hi GG, Great warm up, hope you don't mind me copying your choreo as I am looking for something new for the new term.  Do you just use this song only for your Gold Warm Up or do you play another song as part of your warm up too?  Basically how long is your Gold warm up as usually for my regular classes I use 3 songs so it's around 10 to 15mins long? Hope you don't mind me asking xx

dnzlover says:

Great warm up GG! Thank you for sharing this! Cute leggings. 🙂

Kathy Ferreira says:

Been wondering what could be done to this song…thanks my seniors will LOVE it. Glad someone challenges their Goldies besides me…Can't wait to use this….

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