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Latin Dance Workout Weight Loss Workout For Women At Home GUARANTEED!

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Zumba Dance Workout by Danny’s Workout.This is a zumba fitness workout full video for weight loss workout for women at home. In the video Daniel Hayhurst from Hull teaches you zumba dance workout for beginners step by step. This is a latin Dance workout aerobic workout following up on Zumba Dance Workout Hull video receiving over 20 million views on Zumba. Daniel Hayhurst from Hull is the most popular online dance workout instructor with fitness workout full videos uploaded on YouTube. This is a full dance video workout dance class, which is advised if you like similar types of Zumba, Salsa, Zumba dance, zumba dance classes, clases de zumba, zumba don omar or cours de zumba. This video is one of the best fitness dance videos on Youtube and ideal for weight loss. We hope you enjoy the new Zumba dance workout by Danny! The perfect zumba workout videos to do at home from the hull college zumba workout.

Warm up video to Zumba Dance Workout here:

The perfect video for dance class for beginners and dance for beginners. I can’t say it enough a zumba dance workout for beginners! I hope you enjoy the video, make sure to subscribe.
dance workout for beginners

Especially if you are trying to loose weight, our videos are a guarantee for weight loss if you work out to them everyday. The destination for how to latin dance!

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This is a video I like by linda edler, which is a very good zumba dance workout video or warm up zumba video by lindaedler in the latin dance fitness beginners videos below. Ideal if you are looking for an aerobic workout focusing on zumba dance workout for beginners, step by step workout for beginners, cardio workout for beginners or zumba dance workout for beginners

Latin Dance Fitness Beginners 1, Linda Elder

It’s a follow on to the very successful video Easy Zumba Class uploaded by Mariana Silva and Laura Showler 2 called Latin dance aerobic workout hull college, enjoy the Zumba dance follow up:

We plan to update the channel with lots more of latin aerobic dance workout videos and latino aerobic dance, make sure to comment underneath the workout videos to let us know what dance videos you’d like us to create, thanks danny’s workout.

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Nikolina Bookman says:

i love him i actualy enjoy working out

Isabella0522 says:

Yes, the music stops. But Danny doesn't. His artistry and dance combinations have recently inspired me and one of my sedentary friends to leave behind the college lifestyle of casual eating and minimal exercise and pursue a more healthful lifestyle. I once thought dancing was merely confined to the sticky floors of Sig Nu or Zeta. No longer! With Danny at the helm, gracing us with his limber hips and fluid legs, from the privacy of our laptop in our common room in New Haven, we are dancing our way to our better selves. Thank you, Danny, thank you. (This is not a joke, we are serious!) 🙂 xoxoxo

Sonia Nagpal says:

name of the music …danny…

Clemence Vicha says:

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Ilona Fecso says:

could you please fix the music, the moves are great, thanks for the quick workout. ( I can always crank up my own favourite tunes)

cynthia r says:

music stops

Lina Colantuono says:

i'm  sorry   danny  i don't hear all  the music in this video…

Sheena PlanetAdvocate says:

Music stops for me at 1:56 . Love the Zumba keep them coming

Josi Fernandes says:

are without the two firts songs 🙁

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