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Las gatitas Zumba Wii core

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This is one of my favorites you work your abs ,arms and legs while dancing to the awesome song .My boys are 19mth and 5mth today i am 130lbs I was 140lbs before having my first and 161lbs right after my second

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panicman10 says:

I just got this used and it has no belt, how do I use the remote thanks.

Magda Brand says:

she can't dancing 😕

Mallory B says:

Are there any mainstream songs on the Zumba core game or is it all Latin?? Not that it matters… but I would like to know a few songs lol


Your body looks great considering you have two small kids

lourdes muñoz says:

Si lo que quieres adelgazar esta muy bn pero si es para una fiesta o algo parecido te recomiendo que cambies algunos pasos

Annybella says:

I didn't think it was possible for anyone to do the moves as well as the characters in the videogame but you proved me wrong! 

Alice Karić says:

Awesome you are very good dancer

Karla Flores says:

You have an amazing body for having two kids! Great moves too 🙂

melanie schell says:

I very much appreciate seeing someone else doing the wii core. I got mine last year in Nov. and there were no videos out then. (I looked) I'm 53 yrs old, and was doing very well, (using 1.5lb weights for 4 routines, and had toned up but not lost a lot of weight. (10lbs maybe…I'm not thin by any means, but was getting firm) had to quit for 4mos, and cuz of meds gained 15lbs!
I just started back this week, and I can still do the routines, no weights, just getting lower scores. 🙁
I like seeing someone else do the routine, so I can see if I'm doing alright myself, so I subscribed! Keep up the encouragement…

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