Interview with Group Fitness Instructors- Two different types of classes- Zumba with Elle- Episode 3

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Interview with two of my favorite fitness instructors!! I was put on the spot and got to teach my very first class today!!! (clip included)

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amanda lynn says:

Hi Elle! I miss your hair videos!

xXCajunGrlBlueEyesxX says:

You're doing awesome Elle!! Thanks for keeping us up to date on your Zumba classes. I'm new to all this so I just wanted to give you a shout out!

Gabby2Goal says:

I love JimmiJamz!!!!!! YEAH!

TheJimmiJamzCrew says:

Hey everyone! It's Jimmi from the video! Make sure you are checking out The Jimmi Jamz Crew channel for one of the hottest dance formats in the tri-state area! Keep supporting Elle as she becomes a Zumba instructor!

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