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How to make a Wii belt

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This shows how to make a Nintendo Wii belt using the WiiMote and Nun chuck.
I thought of this myself.
I also thought I’d make it more entertaining than earlier instructional videos.

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Michal Shukrun says:

um…. that made my nun-chuck not work anymore.
thank you!

Rozan Shoryu Ha says:

Only fucking fats sends dislike

orthia87 says:

Or for the people with big hips so that 50inch belt doesn't fit..

tikoo8 says:

hahahaha you looks like a f… trap with that around you

playgirlc says:

it looks FABULOUS! nice one

Lee Serrano says:

dude something really fucked in ur head ://

Nikhil Gandhi says:

this is only useful for people who illegaly downloaded the game or was stupid to but the original game without the belt

miababy221 says:

lmfao i can hear someone eating in the background. This came in handy for me. I have wii zumba but no belt. now i can actually play the game

ian420 says:

this is a compliment: you're crazy

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