Hot Zumba Fitness…Brazilian “Funk Do Alarme”

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Me and some on my girls after class!!! Cardio workout….borrowed some of the moves from onother instructor!!!

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Christelle de Beer says:

This is the most retarded song I have ever heard..

Thays Menezes says:

The best one I love it !!!!!!!!! <3

felipe marinho Marinho says:

Sempre tem que ter uma GORDA no fundo do video

Nilsom Oliveira says:

É isso ai galera obrigado por curtir nosso som, nos do Grupo SINCROSONE ficamos feliz a cada vídeo postado .
Continuem acompanhando nossas novidades na net abraços .

Hether Crawford says:

I would love this song too!

Stella Alaafia says:

This looks so fun. Can you please send the song to

Igor Salihov says:

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Janine Taylor says:

this was so easy and so much fun! 😀

Ana Munoz says:

send song please thanks!!!!!

rancho mancho says:

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Katie King says:

cute routine 🙂

Susan Suarez says:

can you send it to me please:

Susan Suarez says:

Me too please:

Susan Suarez says:

Me too please:

Susan Suarez says:

Can you send it to me please:

Susan Suarez says:

Can you also send me this song to:

Susan Suarez says:

Can I you email me the song too….love the beat….

zoey avlas says:

Great song, great rotine!! Can you please send me the song to Thanks!:)

mrsasgaz says:

i want it too…. can you send it ? please….its so crazyyy…thank youuuuuu

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