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Get the moves! Salsa: Easy Step Breakdown

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Master your salsa with this step by step breakdown! Then, show off your new moves at a live class near you.
To browse schedules and locations of local Zumba classes, visit http://zumba.com/parties/search.

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Marcus Body Coding says:

Hey just found the channel – good stuff you have here!
I do a lot of SALSA FOOTWORK TAPS TUTORIALS myself. Great to meet 👊

Ashraf Gendi Vlogs says:

what is the song called

Danni Taylor says:

I'm sure this is great for zumba, but please, if anyone is trying to actually learn salsa don't follow this!!

Shirley Li says:

Can someone post a video explaining salsa tap. I can't get it.

Dario Barros Filmmaker says:

looks helpful 😉 nice

alma ramirez says:

The best of the best..!!

Mary Lorraine Pillado says:

Can you tell me what's the song?

Adam Titi says:

super super!

xayal Ahmedov says:

What the fuck. . Bullsheat. I love salsa but I hate this "days".

Ziegert Martina says:

Ich finde das toll das so was Giebt undschon den Geldbeutel

khaydeeza A says:

love salsa zumba!

Jeanne Bolea says:

formidable, pas trop facile à réaliser, mais perte de poids garanti tout en se régalant dans la musique. J'adore!!!

Nerly Vergara says:

Colombia se mueve al ritmo de zumba

Zsuzsanna csikó says:

szuper !! szeretlek zumba !! 🙂

sincronetta2 says:

I love zumba❤️

Jiren Marcianito del Universo 10 says:

I Loved dancing

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