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Get Fit With T Zumba Instructor

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A mini clip of how much fun YOU can have doing Zumba!!! Looking for something new and fun that doesn’t feel like exercise….give ZUMBA a try…you will never miss a class!!!! My participants tell me all the time….class is up already…that didn’t feel like an hour!!!! That’s because you have so much FUN!

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glb4760 says:

Zumba is very hard if your don't know how to dance. It's very frustrating and difficult

Samii Monterroso says:

That impressive it enchants to me exelente superb spectacular super ahead small you dance very but very, you are a very good instructor, I admire much to you!

Samii Monterroso says:

Que Calidad!!!!!!!! pues la musica es Reggeton … me encanta.Ese tipo de musica…….. ZUMBA,.vrs REGGETON

Darlin Gana says:

Son is Pam pam

Julie R says:

Hi there. Could you tell me where to find this song please? I <3 Zumba 🙂

horrorshow87 says:

oeh the lambada

Helen Baker says:

Fantastic well done! Love it – keep the ideas coming! Is this a zin release track or your own?

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