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6 months after the first zumba dance, I try again again this time with a thinner body lol enjoy

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Bethia Rubinstein says:

You are one cool lady! Amazing!!

Jiyan Soleil Begaso says:

have you tried wearing sauna suit? 🙂

Kristina Hall says:

You're amazing you're doing more than I ever could don't let anyone douse you with haterade

elektroxi says:

Skiny body for sex make

rabidangel says:

Amazing and inspirational… keep up the good work !!!

Alexis smile says:

WOW! You go girl!! This is really inspirational!! <3 😀

Beth Mathena says:

I see nothing funny about this video. I find it inspirational! Keep going!

stuart kent says:

very sexy big is definitely beautiful

Melissa Daurizio says:

Awesome job! Inspirational. <3

Natty Omani says:

Your soooooo cute girl… Keep it up..


good for her!!!!   (y)  you can do it girl!!!!!!!!!

Joe Gitgun says:

Keep going.
By the end of the decade you should make your weight.

Arith Castrejon says:

You are awesome! !!!

Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

More than what you guys are doing!!! Go girl!

GalFord ReddWulf says:

I'm a Zumba Instructor and I'd LOVE to have you in my classes! You should be proud of your weight loss and I wish you nothing but the best for your continued journey!

Della V says:

Good for you, keep up the hard work. There's nothing funny about her, I think the fact that she seems to be having fun while working out is just great!!! U go girl 🙂

Keisha Beusch says:

I dont see how this is funny, anyone who makes fun of her- shes doing fabulous and working out, you are sitting on your asshole doing nothing but laughing at her.

Amber Metheny says:

Shes working a hell of a lot more than I would.

Василий Лобанов says:

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Rene batista Cunha says:

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