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Dura – Daddy Yankee – Zumba fitness choreography

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I’m together with the next generation of instructors. These kids are incredible. Enjoy and feel free to use the choreo in your class!
kids name : Karesz Ollos, Hanga Kiss, Viktoria Herics & Vivi Horvath
video edit by Razvan Riscuta
Contact Info: Facebook – Claudiu Gutu
Instagram – @claudiugutuzumba
e-mail – zumbatimisoara@gmail.com
website: www.zumbatimisoara.com

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LadyDi1821 says:

Love these kids! They are awesome!

Luana Martinez says:

Love love love love ones

Luana Martinez says:

And just one more question… I hope this is not to weird okay um 😐 so this is such i good class so #awesome Zumba kids.com

Luana Martinez says:

And one more question how old is you boy and what’s he’s name

Yanel Morales says:

Me re gusto la coreo! Y más me gusta como baile el nene ❤

Oscar Martínez says:

Nunca le despegue la vista al niño.

Joana H. says:


Hanna Okólska says:

AAAAMAIZING as always <3 I just cant wait marathon in Strzegom <3 <3

Наталия Л says:

У мальчика так хорошо получается -умничка!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica Saenz92 says:

I Love This Choreography!!!! Amo la musica latina!!! It's great!!!! Amazing!!!!! 💋💋👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍🍀🍀🍀🍀😍😍😍😍

butterscotch trampoline says:

That boy is a dancer in the making. He's really smooth with his moves! Que lindooo.

Kellyn Hernandez says:

Me Fascinaaaaaa
Bella Coreografia.!!!❤😍👏
Pequeñines Bellossss y su Coreografo❤❤
Saludos desde Honduras🇭🇳

analia perez says:

me encarnto la coreo y el nene es lo mas!!!❤❤

Rina Bautista says:


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