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Despacito Zumba Routine – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee – YAHSUH Dance Fitness Routine

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YAHSUH Dance Fitness
Choreographer: Francisca Griffiths
Principal Instructor: Shani McGraham-Shirley – instagram: shani.fitness.lifestyle
Dancers: Francisca Griffiths, Paige Nash, Christina Evans

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Shonbonable says:

You're back! Yay!!!

Lydero says:

This made my day!!! So happy for new videos from you. I kept seeing Yahsuh, and didn't realize it was my girl, lol! My 8 yr old daughter and I love your videos and exercised to them until we nailed the routine. She can do some with her eyes closed.. There was one video where you were dancing alone in front of a window. I always started my workout with that one….Peace and blessings from Michigan…You and your girls are a beautiful inspiration!!

Edileuce Santos says:

O vídeo não está mais disponível? porquê? 🙁

Shanade Shernelle says:

Yaaaaaaaaassssss, y'all snatched all my edges! I was about to sleep when this came on….now I'm sweaty and not tired anymore 😍😍😍😍

bmanaloto says:

We've Missed You!!! Thank You for this!!! <3 <3 <3 You Look Great!!!

Paige Logan says:

I've got to learn this !!! 😄

Martha Whitehorse says:

Love your videos! Are you a zumba instructor too!

Kenia Natalia says:


Дарья Курдик says:

Amazing ladies 🙂 Cool workout 🙂

Deborah Fletcher Mello says:

I am so excited to see you back with new material! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

BklynBabe says:

Yay, you're back!!

Наталья Жернакова says:

good day! you had more videos! you even danced girls! and where can I find old video I loved it!

alicia trotter says:

Love your workout videos! Keep them coming!

Jenifer Jenkins says:

Very cute, I loved it! 😊

Alejandra Lanas Lanas Carrasco says:

para q suben videos si los dejan bloqueados para dispositivos moviles??

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