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Denmark: Off-duty Santa Clauses Zumba in the summer

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W/S Santa starting off the Zumba dance

W/S Zumba dance instructor and Santas

C/U elves dancing

M/S Santa’s feet

M/S Santa Clause

W/S audience watching the Santa dances

W/S dance stage

W/S audience clapping

M/S Santa waving canadian flag

W/S Santa waving

W/S roller coaster


Denmark: Off-duty Santa Clauses Zumba in the summer

Professional Santa Clause actors gathered for the Santa World Championship, Wednesday, in Bakken near Copenhagen, to show off their latin flavor in a Zumba dance-off. The event is three days long and includes Santa parade, Christmas competitions for both Santas and public, ‘Honorary Santa of the Year’, ‘The Santa World Championships’ and loads of Christmas games. Professional Santa’s from Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and Denmark participated in all the activities, including the dance.

The World Santa Claus Congress in an annual forum and social meeting place for Santas from all around the world. Every summer since 1957, in the Dyrehavsbakken amusement park Santas gather to spread Christmas cheer, exchange experiences and network. The congress was created by Professor Tribini who believed that Christmas shouldn’t happen only once a year.

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