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Comme Un Enfant Zumba Routine

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We love Nathan Barnatt’s dance moves that he has for this song by Yelle. We loved it so much that we decided to make a zumba routine based off of his inspiring moves. Sure it’s not perfect or anything close to his video, but we had a lot of fun doing it. Yay for dancing.

I do not own the rights to this song. This is a video of fans who love dancing. Take it down if you wanna be a *$@#&% about it. Enjoy!!!

Here’s the video that inspired us.

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Frédéric Major says:

es ce que il on bu 20 Gardorade aven la danse


I love Tagada Strawberries
And I dream of a Wayne's World 3
I want a mega-happy end
Entwined in your arms
I don't have my wisdom teeth
I don't miss them
When I bite at night with full teeth
To live it up

I'm a child, like an adolescent
I'm an adult, like an adolescent
Is it really necessary to choose sides?
Is it really necessary, like an adolescent?

I sing and I cry, like a child
I scare myself for fun*, like a child
I think about anything and everything, like a child
I dance, my heart is upside-down, like a child

I'm sensitive to distraction
My gums know that the dentist is lying
The drug acts slowly on me
Oh no I'm stupid, it's a pain medication

Admit the facts, you liar*
Admit the effect I have on you
I make you childish like a Caranougat
I immunize you on this chorus

Anne-Lise Arcade says:

La fille devant est hallucinante, pleine de peps. Je formule juste un reproche à l'enchaînement qui est asymétrique. Il faudrait le même mouvement de jambe à droite qu'à gauche.

jose luis hernandez galicia says:

i love to Yelle

Taylor Jones says:

Girl in green stole my heart with those dance moves!!!!

David Rasmusson says:

Congrats to the crew at the Reno North Stake Young Single Adults Ward for hitting 32,000+ views!

RiD1 says:

lol…at 1:32 there seems to be a confusion about the CLAPPING of hands…some did it and some didnt.
this vid is great watch it often. Im a big nathan fan too

1211ninjaa says:

Just had so much fun dancing along to this! Love the routine and the original video by Nathan x


i am french and i will use it for my routine with kids, I hope they ll have the same energy that you have
thank a lot, i didn't know this song!!!

Nadine Nichols says:

that girl in the front is amazing!

BananaSplitSunday says:

This was awesome!

KouriRyu says:

Disciples of Nathan Barnatt. Kudos you guys. This looks so fun.

mookiizsgc7 says:

i want to know.
What song in this video ?

Tim Geens says:

looks fun 🙂

chemic10010 says:

#2 girl in green shirt is 100% committed.

jcbing says:

Win !!! Big time win.

MrSoupMen says:

Guy in green on the far right is the best!

Tiwaking Tiwaking says:

Très bien!!

jmichelo1 says:

I everybody on the planet could or would zumba like these zumbanos in the video, we would have a more healthy/loving/beautiful World. Look how beautiful they are!

Steven Smith says:

Do it!!! I've had a bunch of other people use it in their classes as well. It's super goofy, but we love it 🙂 Thanks for the support.

Sasha Jesus says:

Igotta use this for our zumba class. icnt stop watching it 😀 haha ilove it.

Sasha Jesus says:

omg!! ijus love this routine! very well done 😀

TehLadyCake says:

This is awesome! Great job to everyone who participated in the video! Props to you! (I want to join this Zumba group!)

Jacob Duvall says:

Where is this studio! I want to be part of this…

Lauren B says:

Orange shorts could use more enthusiasm lol

looks-like-kristoff says:

best flashmob evar

Rodolfo Mata says:

I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!! Looks like so much fun!!!

Kam says:

LOL. I'd do more zumba if they'd play Yelle more

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