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Coldplay – The Scientist

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:'v anque ablo español y no le entiendo ni una puta mierda me pone sad xd

Layne Hughes says:

I cry every time 😭

Akshara Sawant says:

Love this damn it !😍😍😍

Joana says:

Eu aqui em 2017 ainda ouvindo este hino, não é possível que esta musica um dia seja esquecida! Ela é simplesmente maravilhosa

Matt Holmes says:

Forgive me. I love you, forever. -M

Astree Othman says:

2:15 kinda like slenderman

Vicali de Mg says:

My favourite song, is bad. 😍😢


Chris Martin reminds me of the rat off Fantastic Mr Fox.

Camo Regrow Red says:

so this fkn truck is in the way and you crashed into a fence, rolled down a tall hill and your girlfriend got smashed through the glass and died. and you survived because you just simply walked out. ok…

Maria Simpson says:

Onther one of the grearest artist so in love with his beautiful music he makes his innstenmental a beautiful sight i got see them play live i lost my voice i trying ti sreamed and nothing pepole Were nothing but white pepole they Were to see me dont y they Were acting raceses i tryed to ingnore all thst negativatie and let my body Feel so happy thst i was loking se my favrite singer in the whole world is cold ply cause he gota a good heart buy the way he richts very nice s

Shitty Flute says:

1:38 Billie Jean 😂

Dada Balogova says:

The best song ever ❤

Juan_aids says:

It doesnt take a scientist to know this song is amazing

hendra boi says:

this video show us for the importance of seat belt LoL

Iker Cárdenas says:

:') Nobody said it was Easy

Jaecheondaesong says:

Lol came to the comments for the lyrics and it was top comment xd

Angie Zacarías says:

x siempre la mejor canción de toda mi vida❤

butrflie7 says:

I feel something in this bands music more than any other. Especially their older stuff.

Blake Walker 44444 says:

La letra ronnie en el circo comen ateos

Alex Willian Araújo Lima says:

Alguém sozinho escutando em 01/09/2017

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