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Cha Cha slide Zumba for kids!!! (Zumbatomic)

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Kids love this song! Now they can do it at home over and over again!
This was glow style, sorry the video is so dark! ­čÖé
Encore Performing Arts Center Beaverton, OR
Friday nights at 7:30 pm ages 4-12 yrs

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amethyst456 Martellio5678 says:

very nice´╗┐

Rosa Alamo says:

So cute ´╗┐

Dance with Nina says:

Thanks Manja!!!! I will <3´╗┐

mdansnl says:

Hi Nina,
I love your video's! You do inspire me for my own ZumbAtomic groups. Keep on posting… Zumba love and greetings from Holland,

Dance with Nina says:

I think its different when you are in a live class. This video is more for other Zumba Instructors out there to give them ideas. The moves are meant to be simple so the kids can catch on easy to it and put a lot of energy into it. This isnt my choreography. This song and moves have been around for a long time. My kids in class love doing it, but not every kid will. Best of luck to you and your kids in finding something that is challenging enough for them. Thanks for watching! :)´╗┐

rosaritoglez says:

my kids say this video is borring and to easy´╗┐

Yura Burdukov says:

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Bambi Ferguson says:

does anyone know the name of the zumbatomic song with all the sirens in it?´╗┐

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