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Zumba Warm up- Flow Latino by DJ Alex Tatoo Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVqkf8WVu5M Hello! I am Priscila, Zumba & Strong Instructor and welcome to my channel! Thank you for watching! Feel free to learn the steps and [More]
I think that the best part of the video is 4.07 sec. 😂😂😂😂 choreo: Mary
Build me up buttercup. Senior dance warm up. ZUMBA Gold. **I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THIS SONG** Educational purposes only 😉
Ed Sheeran & Daddy Yankee – Shape Of Shaky (Remix) – Minost Project ZUMBA FITNESS @maria.zumba.dance THANK YOU FOR WATCHING, SUBSCRIBE AND DANCE THIS CHOREOGRAPHY :))
To download the music, please go to: www.zmixes.com Hi all, this is the Warm up for Strong by Zumba, music by Dj Gringo. I took the note while at Zumba Cruise attending Strong class. ( [More]
This video is for entertainment and inspirational purposes only. I do not own any rights to this song. Thank you to my best friend for dancing with me! 🙂 Song: Zumbero, ZIN 66 ZIN® Instructor: [More]
Current warm-up in my class! What a positive song to start the hour with. We are all one when you walk through the doors, and we will still be one when you leave. Bring the [More]
Hello everyone! Another great warm up routine for you all 🙂 Super easy to follow and very high energy! A special thanks for everyone who stayed after class to dance with me, I love each [More]