This is a short video that contains a variety of the basic salsa steps we do in class. This is just a sequence of steps for practice purposes. The song is called, “Salsa” by Yuri [More]
A short tutorial explaining how to do basic Cumba steps for dance fitness. My dance fitness classes have lots of variety of music and dance styles. Basic Cumbia steps feature in many routines. The Cumbia [More]
Zumba Steps: Salsa Travel and Reggaeton Bounce – Zumba® education specialist Donna Giffen demonstrates the salsa travel and reggaeton bounce. Pay attention, this takes the salsa to another level. Get moving in your own home [More]
Practice at home your Zumba Salsa steps. Get your body ready to Zumba with this SALSA warm up. This was an improvisation to show the basics of Salsa from a march, adding hips and arms [More]
These are the basic steps I use in my classes.
Zumba Steps: Salsa Roundup – Zumba® education specialist Donna Giffen shows you how to put basic salsa steps together. Zumba® fitness classes are a fun and energetic way to in get in shape for Christmas [More]
Zumba Steps – Cumbia Sleepy Leg! Zumba® education specialist Donna Giffen shows you how to master the cumbia sleepy leg in quick & easy steps. Get that hip moving, add a little ‘flavour’ and let [More]
These are the basic steps I teach in my classes.
Master your reggaeton with this step by step breakdown! Then, show off your new moves at a live class near you. To find schedules and locations of local Zumba classes, visit
Zumba Liverpool use these official Zumba Steps in our New Zumba Classes in Lowlands Community Centre, West Derby Village, Liverpool and in Gateacre Comprehensive, Gateacre, Liverpool. See the Facebook Page for more infomation, days and [More]