Really Fun and Easy Cool-down and Stretch.
Zumba Steps: Bellydance Roundup – Zumba® education specialist Donna Giffen shows you how to put Zumba bellydance inspired steps together. Zumba® fitness classes are a fun and energetic way to in get in shape for [More]
Zumba basic steps for beginner – Easy learning
As promised. Steps. A bit simplified n participant perspective. Hope it helps. Coming next w music
Learn some basic Zumba steps that will help you get ready for class! :0) March, salsa, merengue, cumbia, and box step
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Zumba – Salsa, easy-to-follow steps
Steps for Zumba dance class version of capoeira. For complete schedule of Zumba classes in the SF Bay Area, check
A short tutorial explaining how to do basic Cha Cha steps for dance fitness. My dance fitness classes have lots of variety of music and dance styles. Basic Cha Cha steps feature in many routines. [More]