Crazy zumba freaks going crazy for this song when they heard for the first time. Following me the new song steps… its a live zumba class.. it’s completely a dance fitness class not a dance [More]
Zumba Fitness Mumbai presents Basic Zumba Choreography for those who are sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to take a class. Watch this video and learn the basics and Zumba is no rocket [More]
Get more members interested in your live ZUMBA ® classes by giving them a unique way to learn or practice the steps! With our ZUMBA® Basic Steps Videos you can engage new members and create [More]
Workout Zumba Fitness, a Latin dance that mixes various rhythms and dance to be a lot of movement brings a lot of physical endurance and burns a lot of calories Exercise Fat Burning. An optimal [More]
Free Tutorial | Basic Zumba Steps | Salsa Travel
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