Please Watch In HD . I was once sitting on my system and listing to some old bollywod remix songs , found this one and was hooked . Remembered my college time when listening . [More]
As you all can see from our past videos, we are new on youtube and this song was requested by someone. Since then we got obsessed with this song but since we had lot many [More]
Here is my Zumba Routine for Worth It by Fifth Harmony. Enjoy! Visit my page for classes. Choreography by Holly Bennett. (I do not own the copyrights to this song. This video is meant [More]
This is a song we heard everywhere we went while visiting Peru and Argentina, and then when we came back to the USA heard it everywhere too! But we never got tired of it, so [More]
High Intensity Cardio Routine. Best suited during mid-workout. Video Production : Abhijit Singh Camera : Nikon D5100 Some free technical information : Step count : 500 Calories burnt : 40 (could be higher based on [More]
A Zumba® Choreography by Vijaya for the song track Amplifier by Imran Khan Subscribe: Like: Visit: http://VijayaT.
Choreographed by Zoe Arscott and Shani McGraham-Shirley Dancers: Zoe Arscott, Shani McGraham-Shirley, Kerry-Ann Henry, Melissa Llewellyn and Melisha McField You can find me in Kingston Jamaica @ Chai Studios 876-946-9595/6,
Let’s Connect! http://www.SarahOskey or This is a quick, upbeat, easy to follow routine. Your class will know the song and pick up the moves fast. I like to use it in the beginning of [More]
FACEBOOK ACCOUNT INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TWITTER ACCOUNT NOTE: i donot own the rights to this song amd using it for teaching,demonstration, entertainment and educational purpose under the copyright fair use act Copyright Disclaimer [More]
I do not own the rights to this music!
After hearing this track en route to my Zumba class, I just took ten minutes to understand the beats and come up with a choreography. People really love this track in all my classes. It’s [More]