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Nás ženy nikdo nezastaví 🙂 Zumba Ostrava, Havířov, Domaslavice
Watch out! The new Zumba Collection will be out on January 2008 – for now watch this documentary about Zumba in Ohio which includes some footage from the ZUMBA FITNESS LIVE DVD
http://adf.ly/2A793 More Videos Here ZumbaFitness.com Zumba Fitness Infomercial produced by Cort Howell Productions, Inc.
Nichole Whelpley Interview for Zumba Infomercial – Part 2
Nichole Whelpley Interview for Zumba Infomercial
Zumba Infomercial Part 2
Zumba Infomercial vid part 1
This is a paid advertisement that I saw on tv for Zumba Fitness. I’m not saying that Zumba isn’t a great workout but does the company need to bash other types of workouts to promote [More]
Zumba is the big dance/aerobic craze at the moment, and is spreading fast worldwide. And it’s easy to see why! First I had seen or heard of it when I filmed this at The Tampa [More]
I turned on the Zimbabwe infomercial and Ryan started doing it with them