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Some great Zumba inspirations here. Just love this training. i am a Zumba freak and learned to love Cardio becauase of it
Light Network in cooperation with Organique Acai Berry proudly bring you “LOSE THAT FAT: ZUMBA MARATHON” happening July 11, 6AM to 12NN at the Parang, Marikina Gymnasium to be led by the talented Ms. Regine [More]
Zumba® Fitness Advertorial Australia The Morning Show TV channel 7 www.sydneyzumbafitness.net
Dedicated to all of the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Song available in ITunes. Choreographed by Elizabeth Vazquez and the collaboration of Zumba instructor Marilyn Castro.
Spoof…. ladies in Zumba class be like. .www.trev2323.com
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00194712G?ie=UTF8&tag=youtubepertama-20 Zumba is the big dance/aerobic craze at the moment, and is spreading fast worldwide.And it’s easy to see why!First I had seen or heard of it when I filmed this at The Tampa Bay [More]
Zumba despacito, 08-03-17 Zumba despacito parody
Rock n Roll Zumba Gold Masterclass Saturday August 5 at Zbody Fitness in Reno NV. This was so fun!!! Choreography by ZIN Michelle McCauley and ZIN Maggie Flurry. Come down to the studio