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This is choreo made by Petra Tojmarova (teammember of p&p team). I just couldn avoid uploading and sharing with you! enjoy – she is really good and this choreo is a great one! Dance was [More]
My Choreo Class – Zumba Fitness song: Inna ft. D. Yankee More Than Friends PS: my girls were running to the side where camera cant find them, was quite funny =D hope you will enjoy [More]
Choreo fun: Petros Zumba fitness
Flash mob in Turin, Italy (Piazza Castello) by Zumba Torino. March 3, 2012
Choreo – Petros Zumba leader – Petra Tojmarova Song – Mandinga Zaleilah all rights to Petros & Petra, Zumba llc. instructors.
I just love this song by Prince Royce. It is a soundtrack for Tangled, but I doubt was ever officially release. Nevertheless I liked that so I created the choreo. Hope you enjoy it. There [More]
Choreo by: Martina Ausova thanks Gabca Posavadova for help. Funky song, funky choreo, hope You will like it! :]
choreo by Petros Kubla besties: Mary & David for Francesca and all Zumba lovers :] CZECH REPUBLIC EUROPE :]]]
We have a new videoclip from our Zumba vacation. LIKE IT & SHARE IT. copyrights: Petros Kubla, Petra Tojmarova, Zumba fitness Main song: Sushy – Jumpin Up (Jump) Zumba Fitness Dance Party Volume 2 please [More]
Our 4th year Zumba in Italy near Porto San Giorgio. Was such fun and a great time with friends. Hopefully we go there next year again