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I love MT and her songs. and this one is a blast! Hope you will enjoy it. Dont mind my tired face, every day wake up 5-6am, several training a day. Plus, we have an [More]
Zumba toning with Mario Gutierrez and Amaranta- Tu papa
ZUMBA Party Western Février 2015
Wearing our cowboy hats and jamming at the Zumbathon. Song: Taki Country (Celtic Bluegrass) I do NOT own the rights to this song. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Maitre Gims and Hasta Luego, a great song for which I could not resist to build a choreo. Love it, a bit difficult but clients still love it sorry for blur view, seem my phone [More]
song: Francesca Maria feat.Jayko,Cisa & Drooid – DALE DALE choreo: Petros – Petra Tojmarová = = = P&P team New choreo made this weekend. We hope you will love it just as WE DO!!! Amazing [More]
My another routine. I love this one. Start all steps with your right leg and it is really easy to follow 🙂 Enjoy – like it – share it – dance it And thanks to [More]