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Zumba team teach with Fernando in Turley, September 2011, SHAKE THAT ARSE!!! ha ah fab! xxx everyones giving it loads x thank you
Hundreds of people joining ZUMBA instructor Eva Brunda doing her choreography of “Desda Esa Noche” at the 2nd “Zumba a Szabadsághídon” – Event on Szabadsághid in Budapest organized by ZIN Etus Kállai
Big thanks to my friend Romana Novotna for inspiration! Lucka & Petros on Zumba holiday in Italy 😉 Summer 2014 web: http://www.lucietvrdonova.cz/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/lucie.tvrdonova.1
Joy GYM 13.3.13 with Zes Mario Gutierrez
Disclaimer: I do not own this song, it belongs to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.
Big thanks to my best friend Petros Kubla for great choreography. Enjoy it! Love it and share it!
I love MT and her songs. and this one is a blast! Hope you will enjoy it. Dont mind my tired face, every day wake up 5-6am, several training a day. Plus, we have an [More]
Zumba toning with Mario Gutierrez and Amaranta- Tu papa