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Performing with Gilberto from Venezuela, we took some of the most famous chinese songs and change them into salsa music, so that chinese people feel more close to the dance! They loved it! Salsa in [More]
Instructor: Katalin Ferencz, ZIN. Licenced to teach Zumba (Basic 1, Basic 2, Zumba Toning, Zumba Core, Zumba Glutes) For more videos sign up to my channel. Like my page on Facebook: ZumbaKata Video was shot [More]
Zumba – China – HLV Liên Nguyễn – 0908.686.731 website: http://www.theducthammy.com.vn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Theducthammydep
Here’s a little demo of what Zumba in China is like. Prepare yourself for what could be some life changing dance moves: Please note: These are merely some of the dances that were taught. We [More]
Callie Sorensen (a Zumba instructor in Busan, S.Korea) spent one week over the Chinese New Year dancing her way across Beijing with the locals. This video is a result of the crazy fun that was [More]
Zumba in China Preview