I hope you enjoy this video. I have a blast working with my lovely seniors.
Line Dance 64 comptes 2 murs – José Miguel Belloque & Roy Verdonk (NL)
Zumba in London – Bradfield Seniors 2015 (1st Course) younglearners.pilgrims.co.uk
SOS (Seniors Over Sixty) Dance Crew share Zumba Gold Dances for residents of Kirkwood Assisted Living once again! Dancers are between 60 and 89 years old and full of vitality! 🙂 Dancing to hot current [More]
Lisa Concepcion writer, vlogger and founder of http://www.lovequestmarketing.com is in Brooklyn and her stepmom is a Zumba instructor for women ages 50+. This group of seniors are getting down and having a blast. Have a [More]
There are many ways of keeping in shape and staying “young at heart” these days. Lisa Fernandez is at a “Zumba for Seniors” class
Lively white-haired lady living life and laughing liberally.