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Die Sommer Zumba for Kids® Gruppe aus Hausmannstätten Gute Unterhaltung! www.mipasion.at
Fan video of “Boogie Shoes (Glee Cast Version)” by Glee Cast. Created using Video Star: http://VideoStarApp.com/FREE
Sample of training method named Zumba, with this particular sample from the Zumba for Kids.
Y a-t-il d’autres occupations pour vos enfants que les séries TV, les messages ipads, les tablettes, les jeux video; Olivier vous le démontrer au centre sportif de Wavre, tous les vendredis de 17 à 18:45…De [More]
I didn’t realize how much my kids LOVE the camera!!! Haha…some serious rock stars right here! I use this song as a cool down before our stretch….they LOVE to sing a long with it! Choreography [More]
Rhiannon Grimes leads us in a Zumba class that’s perfect for kiddos. www.mygym.com/overlandpark
Jungle Boogie comes as part of the Health for Kids website, a fun way for children to learn about health. Visit http://www.healthforkids.co.uk
Timothy from Timmy’s playtime is back again with some zumba dance class. Make sure to check it out and subscribe to us, feel free to leave us feedback and comments. Timothy’s PlayTime Youtube Channel is [More]
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Zumba for Kids Demo for Starlight Creative Arts Center.