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This song is Proud Mary by Tina Turner. A requested favorite, this fun Tina Turner song gets everyone singing and shakin! I do actually have Zumba songs in my playlist! But the most requested songs [More]
Juste pour le plaisir Voici une banque de quelques uns de mes mouvements d’Aquazumba fait sous l’eau. Enjoy !
I use this routine as a cool down before our stretch song. I tried to keep a bit of a rhumba feeling in the choreo.
Versión Aqua Zumba by Jaime Caro Franco ZIN Zumba, Sevilla.
My students ROCK this song in the pool…. I’m so proud of them! Song is BELIEVER by Imagine Dragons… choreo is something I whipped together by practicing in the water …enjoy their smiles!
“Me Enamoré” by Shakira. An interactive Aqua Zumba® routine choreographed by ily Cortes and performed at the Surfside Community Centre Pool. Part of the choreography can be done with a partner or solo. Both options [More]
Original Aqua Zumba choreography for the song Gangnam Style from PSY. Instructor Lucia Méresová. For more info check http://www.zumba-party.sk/ For my YouTube channel visit http://www.youtube.com/user/zumbapartySK?sub_confirmation=1
Location: Crowne Plaza, Kochi. Song Credits: Can’t stop the feeling — Justin Timberlake
Zumba promotes 45 minutes classes. I make my classes 1 hour in length. I am a certified water fitness instructor, so for the last 15 minutes of class I take toning elements and put them [More]
These are some of the amazing instructors I’ve had the honour to train in AQUA ZUMBA this Fall/Winter across Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Canada and the United States.
Aqua Zumba Gibraltar Music – Don Omar – Zumba Choreo – Natalia Ruiz