Beto’s First Visit to Australia

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Beto’s frist visit to Australia for the Filex Convention in Sydney.

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vanloewe says:

kann mir jemand sagen wie dieses Lied heißt???

Paola Patteri says:


Karl & Bonny Sisson says:


Elizabeth Wade says:

not only was I at this exhilarating event & had the absolute joy of meeting Beto, I even see myself at the end of this video!!!!! : )


hello a question, the song featured in this video zin appears or will appear to me the guy that much or if the Gillen and it can happen to me please ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

thanks, plus the video is wonderful to me liked

waterfordbeauty0314 says:

I love ZUMBA 🙂
Today, I had ZUMBA and enjoyed it.

Carol Tait says:

Awesome videos & I was there :))))

Ameenah Asante says:

Wow, is right!

Rosemarie1bong says:

WOW, I wish I could once visit the convention to experience the energy with Beto!



P.S. The name of the song, please, please, please……………

zumbalish says:

Go Zumba!! Us Aussies love you Beto so much!!!!

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