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Basic Zumba Merengue Steps

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Basic Zumba Merengue Steps

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Laria Rionel says:

Omg thank you thank you THANK YOU! Been looking for breakdown vids for each dance category! Very easy to follow!

MyungAh KANG says:

Exactly what I looked for…just after my Basic 1 training! Thank you so much!!

Lynn Ess says:

"The more you do this, the smaller this part of you gets" — false. This is Exercise Myth #124, and shame on people for putting out information that isn't even accurate.

Truth: The body can't choose when it loses weight. When you do aerobic activity, you burn calories and will lose fat, BUT your body's genetic makeup will determine WHERE that fat comes off. You can move your hips all you like and lose weight in your face because that's where your body will take the weight off first based on your physical biology. 

That being said, working any particular muscle group will develop the muscle in that area, but more muscle in one area does not mean more fat will burn off in that area. Believing so is a common myth. Other similar myths: Crunches do not help you lose waist/stomach weight. They only build muscle in the area, which is important, but it does not impact where your body will burn off the fat next. 

This has been a Public Service Announcement :P

ram kumar says:

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Minal Arora says:

Very nicely explained…you are an awesome teacher. Thank you!

Renè Sørby says:

Oh my gosh !! Thank you!! this helped me soo much on a P.E roject at school !! 

Ros Mar says:

loved the video! Thank you 🙂 

Jgurlnd3 says:


Amber Easterday says:

My thoughts exactly, lol…

TheJudynef says:

in the end a video i could actually learn from. Thank you:)

hudaxas100 says:

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Salena Ardoin says:

Thank you so much for these videos. I just started Zumba and haven't been able to catch the feet work correctly. Knowing the right sequence and proper steps. will make my zumba classes more productive. It all about the exercise and working the muscles. Knowing the steps will let me concentrate on the right things.

Kelli Redd says:

Your are AWESOME! You should be a ZES! Thanks for your help and the extra fun turn step! I am saving this one to my "watch till it's beaten into my freaking brain" folder!
Thanks again!

luvmi3girls says:

Thank you! Very easy step-by-step instructions! 

xschlen says:

ah ! what is this song?? 🙂

Gayatri Raibagi says:

Every thing looks so easy with ur easy instructions ..thanks a ton!!

Melanie Simmons says:

i remember this song from the past, but could you remind me the name and artist?

lilsnoopy4bs says:

thankgod finally someone taking time to slow this zumba thing down,, u make it so much simpler

Nicole Vergara says:

Ty Easy to follow .Good instructions. Please continue :0)

Mrskess says:

thankx so much for this video. it really helped with the steps. will check out your channel now. great video thank you

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