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Yea yeah! Another KPOP song for you guys! If you liked this video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel:

Choreography by: ZIN Michael
Party crew from left to right: Allysiu, Kristie, Michael, Krisza and Van

Song: Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang

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Kelly Sarmiento says:

BTS pls 💕💕☺

ivy agustin says:

Do Scraem pls

Rosa Cristina Tovar Collahua says:

i love kpop, thanks

anna lissa Ong says:

Pls pls do a dancestep of nobodys better by fetty wap..god bless u all..tanx n a million po

Andrea Francisco says:

Please make a zumba choreography with Hard Carry by Got7, Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS and Lotto by EXO.

Mrs. Jeon says:

please do something BTS related…..

Sunnysnake1 says:

Just clicked on this video because of Kpop

Lenxer Buan says:

Ate Allysiu always looks lovely ❤

Sharmaine Aguinaldo says:

omo!!! can you do boombayah by blackpink too???

Lana Aplicador says:

pls do the all we know

Leony Mustika says:

bts – fire. pleaseeeee 😉😉😉😉

허삼석 (Fun Fun Korean) says:

사진이 너무 예쁘네요! 소통해요!

Bet name says:


C12 Iligan Mens Wear says:

NYC step

Lobelmari Ranoa-Menoza (Bel) says:


Dyan Esparagoza says:

Waah! Sana Fire (BTS) or any 2NE1 song or Playing with Fire (Blackpink) next time weee~ More kpop in the future wah~

Mia Raipan says:

magaling talaga moves ni Van… standout ka Talaga Van.

Phamen Utto says:

wow. Big-Bang . gaLling. 👏👏. More upload pa poh 😊😊

WinterSolstice says:

love this! I'm sweating all over!

Aries Supriyanto says:

can you make the Song is Blackpink Whislet and l.o.l Whatta Man pleas

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