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Bad To The Bone by Brick & Lace Zumba Routine

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Choreographed by Shani McGraham-Shirley
Dancers: Shani McGraham-Shirley, Zoe Arscott, Kerry-Ann Henry, Melissa Llewellyn, Zahra McGraham and Melisha McField

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Robert Ordonez says:

where did shani go, i want more videos of shani coz i felt good wen im doing their dance moves.

Iris Simpson says:

Shani, Thank you so much for posting these videos. You are a gifted dancer and teacher. These are the best Zumba videos on YouTube. Please, please post more.

Cellya Alves says:

like i love more coreografi this beautiful music love zumba

fiona Gordon says:

I love her videos

Lyne Gauthier says:

where did Shani GOOOOO????

14annette87 says:

I absolutely love these ladies. I wish they had more videos. my sister and I do her workouts every night. love it

Bondie Metchore says:

Awesome workout!! Hard core toning zumba!!

Juvy Sobri says:

i really this danceable zumba , been using this for more than a month now, so nice very effective, very organized video zumba  routine, more videos pls.. thanks shani.

emilythe1st says:

I love all of your zumba videos. I always feel so awesome when I'm doing them! Thank you!

kmatos4life says:

Y u stop making videos 😡

Carla McGlotha says:

This is glennett this work out is perfect for me I am going to this everyday it do work

marghot caero says:

Muy bueno!! 🙂

Adama Fehr says:

I love your videos and moves. Thank you for sharing! Is there anyway you could dance to Caribbean Girl by Mavado PLEASE?

Anano 1429 says:

i'm crazy about you <3 <3 <3 you're so pretty 

Marcia Vasconcelos says:

Nossa amei lindas simpáticas e super dançarinas dancei muito!

Letícia Andrade says:

OMG , Dançam demais . Parabéns 😀 '

Fatima Ricamel says:

do more please

Dj Husseina says:

I Subscribed Bcz Of The Dancer..Shani I Like Her…They Danced Well

marjorie mercado says:

nice exercise lost more calories

Eraina Casey says:

where did you get the song Bad to the Bone by Brick and Lace? I want to purchase it and i can't find it on iTunes

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