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AQUA ZUMBA Splash! with Mari “Sigue Moviendo” (Zumba® Fitness – Video Contest 2015)

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We can dance not only on the floor but also in the pool listening to Zumba® music!
I personally modified the Zumba choreography on the floor to fit for Aqua Zumba (Aqua-Dancing) in the pool. This video shows only my own underwater dancing. If you want to see how I dance above water, come and join “AQUA ZUMBA Splash! with Mari” in Singapore!!
Anyone who wants to enjoy Zumba music and dancing in the swimming pool, splash with me!

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Joy McQuery says:

This is just incredible! Your timing is so amazing. What an incredible demonstration of what can be possible in the water. You don't seem slowed down be the water at all. What amazing control and strength!

arianesds87 Santos says:

aonde consigo essas músicas?

N Kemp says:

pretty color

AleaderWaterShoes says:

Awesome video.We provide the water shoes which can help you enjoy this activity.You can contact is if you are interested.

Dan Pak says:

i love aqua zumba

LAiRis HeRrerA says:

i got tired just to looked at the video lol…is hard to do quick movements under water and you did it!!! good job!!

Olga Mejía says:

Love, love love

Liam Anderson says:

That looks really tiring

Jovelyn Illut says:

its so hard to dance in aQUA!!! but you did?

Maria Teresa Stone says:

Mari great under water video.

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