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Aqua Zumba® He Zumba® Ha

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My water version of the Zin 31 song Zumba He Zumba Ha.
stability/ mobility. make them hold that jump before them move into the kicks.
A big thanks to my girls Donna, Maureen, Adelle and Carol for demonstrating the moves in the water.

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Suzy AquaQueen Crawford says:

Thank you Carol. thats quite a statement. glad I can be helpful!

Carol Leonard says:

I have to say your my go to source for Aqua.  I am teaching 80 to 90+  adults and your videos have been SO much help.  Couldn't have done it without you!!!!

Suzy AquaQueen Crawford says:

well thank you

peruviana1000 says:

awesome workout!! inspiring . . .

Sb A says:

Yo yo… Amazing video clip.

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Suzy AquaQueen Crawford says:

thank you!

Maria josé says:


Just1perspective says:

WOW! A M A Z I N G instructor!!!! You GO girl!!!!!! I'm inspired!


hablan español, me han servido ustedes mucho para dar mis clases mis felicitaciones

MrStudioStyx says:

nice girls around here, i like the right one and the one on the side! i want this swimmingsuit

Suzy AquaQueen Crawford says:

@TheZumbaileana that is such a awesome thing to say. thank you so much.
please use what you like its there for all the mermaids out there.

ily Cortes says:

i love your choreographies and your knowledge oozes thru you. Its nice to see people who actually know what they're doing on youtube;) thanks for sharing your work and giving us great ideas:)

Suzy AquaQueen Crawford says:

thank you!

RJ Wilkins says:

That was amazing!!! :D

Heather Stewart says:

Thank you for posting your Aqua vids they are very helpful and I am def going to use several of your choreos. I start teaching my first Aqua class this week!

harper406 says:

love this – great timing in water 

Mia Zumba Mami Colfield says:

Go mama!!! good job

Suzy AquaQueen Crawford says:

this mat is from hydrofit.com
it has lasted over 4 years. it's great!

Suzy AquaQueen Crawford says:


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