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Aqua Zumba “Dance, Dance, Dance”

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Jen Bozarth Aqua Zumba and Zumba Fitness Instructor
Thank you ladies at FitClub West, Springfield, IL!
Music “Dance, Dance, Dance” by Zumba Fitness
*do not own the rights to this song*

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Anne Marie Parr says:

very important to keep arms under the water. Sliding arms across water with short level (bent elbow or long level full arm) much better. Something I am noting is hand positions in water fingers together especially thumb touching index finger with straight wrists that do note wobble. To learn how to do all this correctly go to https://www.calainc.org/ https://www.waterart.org/ always fun to do aqua zumba but remember you are not on land things must be done differently for safety and best results. Have FUN http://www.anneparrprotrainer.com

Annika Thomas says:

SO GOOD!  Perfect for my seniors and such a fun song.  Thank you.

Kel H says:

Hey this actually looks doable for those of us trying to get back in shape with knee and back injuries

Jonathon Royse says:

Does not look as fun as normal zumba… Nor does it look as intense XD

Angela Gomez Vanegas says:

very good, i love and i will use next week in my frist class.. thank you

QuilterMel says:

What Zin Volume or Mega Mix is this form?

jenbozarth says:

Thanks! It's fun and gives the instructor a bit of a break as well 🙂

jenbozarth says:

The song is "Dance, Dance Dance" produced by Zumba Fitness. You may purchase it on iTunes. Thanks!

seabreezes54 says:

Very nice. Right about your speed, one just can't move that fast in water. Keep up the good work.

olga osorio says:

Omg,, I did this song at my aqua zumba they loved it..

Mary GRR says:

Love it !!!! Nice job … congrats !!

jenbozarth says:

Thanks for watching!

Elaine Hopper says:

Nice warmup

Egi B says:


Suzy AquaQueen Crawford says:

cute! like the kicks

Regina Jenkins says:

I like this I am going to do in my aqua Zumba class and see how they like it.

Edna V Martinez says:

Very cool! 🙂

jenbozarth says:

Thanks so much for watching…hope to post more very soon!:)

Susan K. F. says:

Finally an aqua Zumba where the instructor works slow enough for the ladies in the water to follow- good work. The other videos have the instructor moving way too fast

constelacion707 says:

Es más rápido en tierra, pero claro, si pensamos en lo positivo salen sabiendo nadar jejejeje!

jenbozarth says:

Thanks so much and thanks for watching! :))))

Christine Agustin says:

thanks for sharing. I did this in class and my students loved it!

princessbelle2 says:

found it on itunes 🙂

jenbozarth says:

Actually not on a ZIN cd…it's on the Best of Exhilarate zumba soundtrack Vol 2 cd. available on iTunes 🙂 thanks for watching!

princessbelle2 says:

which ZIN cd has that song?!!

jenbozarth says:

Thanks for watching!:)

jenbozarth says:

Thanks so much traciviolet! Teaching Aqua Zumba is sometimes the highlight of my week! My students are the BEST!:)

Traci Williams-Ridley says:

That's so awesome, it almost made me cry. I cheered so loudly I turned the iPad off by mistake!

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