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Afghan Jabeli (Ya Baba) Phantom | Zumba Routine | Bollywood Belly dance | Choreo by Mugdha |

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This Zumba(R) fitness routine has been choreographed by Mugdha to the popular Bollywood song ‘Afghan Jalebi’ from the movie Phantom. This Zumba (R) routine is designed to help you burn calories and belly fat whilst having fun and dancing. If you are looking at achieving that perfect waistline then this one is just for you! Ditch the boring tummy twister machine and get those sexy abs while having fun.

Song name – Afghan Jabeli (Ya Baba)
Movie – Phantom

I do not own the rights to this song. The video is for educational purpose. No copyright infringement intended.

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Prem Kumar says:

Hii girls nice Dan's loved

leylah rodriguez says:

very nice, can you girls dance to tony chamoun – shakira drum attack, shimmy it up alot more and also do more drum solos too, be more awesome

Samira S says:

love it 🙂

Berna Demircan says:

superrr ❤

Nikelesh Nani says:

simple and stylish

Asif Khan says:

mughda what u tied on ur waist?? what it is called?

Dance Widme says:

sexy choreo…..keep going

zumbagirl100 says:

Very nice. Thank you ladies.

poonam patil says:

Nice dance steps Mugdha !!!!!

Anu Ramesh says:

Mugdha Roooccccckkkkkssss!!! Yay Mugdha can't wait to see and follow along with more! Love you!

Rama Choudary says:

awsum one Mugdha wud love to rock zumba with u someday

Jigna Rathod says:

awesome choreo

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