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Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners Step By Step

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Nasim Khan says:

Sir ye Dance me 15 Dino se kar rahi hoon but ek Time hi kar pati hoon ese ek din me kitne baar karna h

Szandra Hormnyák says:


Nosheen MAzher says:

what benefits of this exercise . can I loss my belly and hip fat from this exersie .

yuvasrii araveti says:

Daily how much I have to do this to loss 5kg

Rupjyoti Owary says:

Very nice Arabic exercise for All

amanda muigai says:

hi i would like to know which music is this

Nazia Pervaiz says:

v nice step

Kagome Unnie says:

This was extremely tiring, but it's my second time and I already notice a slight change :), I hope you keep uploading similar videos

karan narula says:

Hi. Plz plz add more videos full 60 min..i love your videos..

Val Sim says:

Where is this aerobics video from? Great workout. Is there more like this?

Kajal Shrivastava says:

I love it n it works very fast

Lily Mchaffie says:

I'm 57 kilos
will that help me lose 1 kilogram per week??

vijay pal garhwal says:

its very beautiful video I like this video

aswathy reghu says:

Will this help me to lose 10kg in 3 months?

Sreevidya P M says:

Nice video. Going to do this from tmro itself

Erika Sazia says:

aduuh baru ajk senam badanya sakit semua..

Afreen Khan says:

everyday i do this….
and my body now so slim
lose 4kg in 1.month..
thx jitendra..

Vedang Sonawane says:

Jitendra did u Indian……bro…

arjemay diongson says:

hi.. 6 months after cs delivery is it possible to do this?

Hema M says:

Is it work to reduce thighs fat? I want to reduce above 10kg…

preeti talwar says:

Fantastic im loose 25kg weight in 4months thanks plz send more videos

maisyita azizah says:

do you have any video to reduce thigh and calf fat?

Pushpa Busch says:

It's really great. Good job.

Pushpa Busch says:

Wowwwwww it's really great. Good job.

maldita_ ako says:

Thnx 4 sharing ur nice vid..i love it ur channel😍😍😍

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