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45 Min Low-Impact Full Body Toning & Cardio Workout With Light Weights

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Tone up your body from head to toe with this easy to follow, medium intensity, complete home workout! If you are someone who gets bored easily, hates high intensity training and heavy weight training, or are recovering from chronic illness I know that you are going to enjoy this routine so much! As with all of our workouts this should not be too stressful on the body or joints and therefore should not increase cortisol levels too high, preventing unnecessary fatigue, soreness and belly fat long term. You should feel challenged but not in pain while doing any of these exercises. If you are consistent with this routines doing it 2-3 times a week you will see results in no time, I promise! If you like this video please comment and thumbs up, it helps us spread the word about Cocolime Fitness and it helps me design more effective, fun, low-impact workouts that you all enjoy. Thank you so much for watching!

Workout Structure:
Round #1: biceps, triceps, quads & butt
Round #2: inner & outer thighs & shoulders
Round #3: chest, back & all parts of the legs
Round #4: abdominals, obliques & back
Long Stretch

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Equipment: Mat, Set of 2-5 Pound Weights, Wall

Intensity: Medium

Safe For: Sufferers of joint pain, Adrenal Fatigue, depression & anxiety, insomnia, Hypothyroidism & Hashimotos

Cocolime Fitness offers super effective workouts for people dealing with chronic pain & fatigue issues who want to feel and look better fast! (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Issues, Hashimotos Syndrome, Joint Pain, Depression & Anxiety and Insomnia) It is also for people who get bored easily and want variety in their workouts and no repetition in their routines, and for people who hate doing stressful, exhausting high intensity workouts but who still want super effective routines that are medium intensity and easy to perform.

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Callaham Sepe says:

You should practice with Unflexal. Google this or just go to Unflexal workouts 😀

lazzy bee says:

hey sweet friend Suzanne…another wonderful and very effective workout. My cronic fatigue is bothering me too much now a days but Don't wanna sit still so come back to you. when I first saw this I thought it's easy but no… it's really challenging. I am sweating like hell. the stretching part is very refreshing. but I have wrist pain while doing tricep walk at reverse table top… can you suggest any alternative? I would love if u can make an one hour long strength training workout. and once again lovely workout…loving it…😄 hope don't bore you with such a long comment..hv a great day…

Creative Workout says:

Great workout 😉

Claudio Alessandri says:

I like very much your workout and you are so beautiful! Congratulations! I hope you visit my channel too! God bless you!

Sassy_Anie says:

Wow Suzanne, another great workout. I am not feeling too well today, I have neck pain, but I did not want to skip my workout. I watched the video first and thought, Oh I can do this, doesn't look hard. But boy, was I sweating after the second round. This was very effective and I definitely feel great right now after completing this workout. I love your precise instructions and when you talk about why this particular exercise or stretch is beneficial and what parts of the body are strengthened. It definitely helps me during those exercise that I dont like doing, to know what muscles I am working and how I am helping my body get stronger. I personally have that problem you described at the end, the forward leaning head (like a turtle) that leads to neck pain. I already have a slight scoleosis of the spine after more than ten years of doing a desk job, so I always love exercise that open the chest, strengthen the back and help correct my posture. Some exercises like the superman are awfully hard, but I keep practicing and can slowly see improvements now. I love your channel and look forward to more strength and stretch videos. Have a great day (sorry for the long comment)!

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