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23 Minute Bodyweight Cardio Workout …Quick Toning and Cardio

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Welcome back and get ready to burn some calories with a 23 Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp Cardio Workout. We are going to be doing this Quick Cardio Workout in a really cool Secret Garden that is tucked away and out of site right in my neighborhood. I found it accidentally while out walking and it has become a favorite spot to workout for me. Let’s get this workout and adventure started. Smash that SUBSCRIBE button if you want more Workouts and behind the scenes with me.

All Workouts can be printed from the description below. Comment finished once you wrap up this workout.

Circuit One: 30 sec work / 3 Rounds
*Jumping Jacks
*Squat Jumps
*Split Lunge
Rest and Repeat 3 X’s

Circuit Two: 30 sec work / 3 Rounds
*Bear Crawl
*T-Stand Right
*T-Stand Left
Rest and Repeat 3 X’s

Circuit Three: 30 sec work / 3 Rounds
*Explosive Clapping Push Up
*Around World Squat Thrust
*Plank Punch
Rest and Repeat 3 X’s

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Cosette Rohart says:

love it, Yees Thanks Ben

Lenula says:

Phew, this was a killer workout!

Lily Yang says:

💪💪💪thanks video again ..it's my workout tomorrow💛

Michelle Morgan says:

Those bear crawls….oh my!

fitminboso says:

Luv luv luv the vlog style videos…thx for the workout and fyi the kids are cuties

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