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Thanks to Benji and Liz Smith from The Dance Smiths Fred Astaire Studio Bartlett TN for their generosity on letting us use their state of the art facility with the BEST QUALITY Hard Wood floors in town, carefully chosen by Benji to hold the ZUMBATOMIC Workshop with Koh Herlong. Benji is a traditional and well established Ballroom teacher in town and I invite all the Zumba Family to welcome Liz (Elizabeth Smith) with Zumbalove to our environment. Take a look at her class schedules on www.zumba.com .

This song is LEVADA BRASILEIRA and it has Capoeira moves (Afro-Brazilian Martial arts/Dance), modified for Zumba Fitness purposes). Sorry, I didn’t realize the camera lady wouldn’t be able to include Kariny Sander (to my left) and the other instructor (to my right) in the video. Kariny was so kind to do the basic Samba step so that I could breath for a couple of seconds in between the intense Capoeira Jingas and Kicks. Make sure you JINGA with your core going forward, and then returning back as if drawing an inverted “U” with your body, with a straight back. By doing so you are “evading” a kick from your counterpart in Capoeira, and also working abs (besides, of course, your legs). WATCH OUT FOR KARINY. SHE IS PROMISING. TO ME IT LOOKS LIKE SHE MIGHT BE ANOTHER SAMBA QUEEN IN ZUMBA.

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Annette White says:

I'm a crazy person somehow I lost you off of my Subscription! I have it back. So happy.

Annette White says:

This fantastic! Thanks for posting. I didn't know you had a Youtube account! Awesome.

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