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1 Hour CHRISTIAN ZUMBA WORKOUT – Dance Fitness – High Calorie BURN! – 60 Minutes

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What’s up all!?!?! So, I am working toward getting back into shape to teach classes, and yesterday, as I was about to get my workout on, this thought came to my heart, “Why should just I benefit from what God has placed in me? Why not record the workout and help others working toward the same goal of getting fit while I am not currently teaching?”

So, here it is! Yesterday’s workout–an unplanned recording–real, raw, frizzy, messy hair and lots of squish in the middle—A 1 hour Christian Zumba workout that is designed to burn (up to) 1000 calories, depending on your intensity, FREE, and just for YOU!

I’ve brought all of my physical imperfections straight to your living room, so if you will bring yours, we can get our sweat-on together–not to “look” better, but to improve our quality of life; to honor God with our bodies by exercising and loving them into shape to enable us to have the strength and energy to walk in and out the divine purpose for which He created us.

If you do use this workout video, let me know how it translates to your smart TV. I, unfortunately, have a dumb t.v. lol, and I also do not have much space to record, so I had to video through the mirror and not sure if this video will be beneficial. If it works well, I will be doing more of these just for you!!! If not, you can still create playlists on my channel with the individual videos and get a great workout! Just be sure to interact with my channel by SUBSCRIBING HIT the BELL button, THUMBS UP videos and COMMENT to help the channel get seen by those who need it!!! God bless you all!!!

***First song choreography is compliments of FIT Force 3! Make sure to check out their awesome ministry here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7qrun3VX-YQ9jiIi5nh6CA

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Lizzy Esguar says:

Do more videos like this please 😀

chernae Saka says:

You are such a blessing! We thank God. Just a request, could you please make more 1 hr high calorie burn videos? I love the music selection. I no longer have to cringe while doing Zumba for fear of the lyrics. Thank you again

bulwrest says:

and what is the difference between christian zumba i zumba?

Naomi'sveganvvibes says:

ah sweating immediately! amazing 😀 giving glory to God!

Gorman Christian Ministries says:

This will help so many ladies!

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